Yeah we do it alright dog.
I might fly, I might fall. I might save, I might ball.
I might call, I might not. Cold chilling, but I'm but white hot.
This life's so taxing, but I promise music is a write off.
Now let me tell you 'bout my view from here.
Let me tell you I've been looking up.
I've been counting my blessings y'all.
I'm so blessed that God hooked me up.
I'm so blessed, and I ain't even sneeze. My chill zero degrees.
I let that baggage burn, now my life OMG.
Now OMG, I'm looking 'round.
Been a heck of a trip since I was looking down.
I didn't even know my own value!
Doc' gave me Valium and I took that.
Just pop one don't look back, but now I'm good and I shook that.
God gave me the hook back!
And I'm not beat, no more. Read a verse, opened closed doors.
Got bars on my lips like a cold sore, and I can't get em off.
Grab a mic, I just spit em off. Like the last fries, they get finished off.
I smash the beat and can't get enough!

(Feeling dope, feeling great. Me, I'm cool. How're you?)
Do you like the view from here? Oh, oh!

Here's the secret to being cool:
There's nothing wrong with just being you.
Just make sure that you believe in you.
That's the truth, and I mean it too!
I was in the band. I got Bs in school.
But I had enough class to be in 2!
Tried my best to not be "that dude".
Got big ears and I'm bad with girls...
No time for being mad at the world!
Don't blame God 'cause I'm not perfect.
I just do me and work it, work it.
That's right I work it. work it. I'm way passed hurting, hurting.
'Cause I don't have the time or patience that's for certain, certain.
Started off a little hesitant, man I've always been hesitant.
Used to try and please those who talk. We all know they're irrelevant.
And all I have straight heaven sent. God is good and I'm the evidence.
I was sick, and I don't mean bars. Music me healed like medicine.
Now I'm feeling alright. I've been living that life.
I just got some new frames, now I'm seeing that light.
Now I'm taking my time. Making sure the flow's nice.
Staying fly like a kite. See that view I bet you get hype!

(Feeling dope, feeling great. Me, I'm cool. How're you?)
Do you like the view from here? Oh, oh!


from The Jamil Show : Season 2, released March 21, 2014




Jamil (& the Show) Cleveland, Ohio

From his Cleveland bedroom to your heart, Jamil takes you on a journey with the occasional help from the Show.

Contact: thejamilshowmusic@gmail.com

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