Turn Off the Light Remix x Fanaticus

from by Jamil (& the Show)




Bring that beat down.

Gone. And it's ard to deal with the sadness.
When all I see is blackness, I'm like "How the heck did this happen?"
Outcome of the madness. When did we get this backwards?
All I hear is "he said" and "she said". They don't know what we said.
But they think that they did. I hate this.
How dod you feel so blameless?
You blame that, blame this, you blame me.
But who are you lately? Just maybe I'm crazy.
I'm more than the baby you claim me to be.
I might be crazy to you, but I'm not crazy to me.
I'm not always right, but I'm not always wrong.
And you're not always like the person you claim at the end of the night.
When the light starts to dim, please don't tun off the light.

Don't turn off the light.
'Cause I'll be gone tonight.

I don't need a night-light. My heart's dark like nighttime.
How do you not see me? Like Stevie [Wonder], no eyesight.
I hi-lite what happens to review the process.
It's harder to handle, I'm ever so cautious.
And now I feel nautious. It's always the same thing.
Your eyes are ice cold, and now mine are blazing.
Enflamed from the crazy I witness and get this:
I'm done with your poison. Like acid, no citrus.
I'm on your hitlist, how can you kill me?
You talk and I feel you, but now you can't hear me?
And now I need healing. Return from my flight.
If my mind doesn't sleep, please don't turn off the light.

Don't turn off the light.
'Cause I'll be gone tonight.


An unsupervised field, where we don't know how we feel.
Where they don't know how we feel, where you don't know how I feel.
Vice versa, unreal. We're at a place that's so concealed.
We're at a point that ain't no deal.
Can't fix what happened, so cold like steel.
In the winter, we had our summer.
Close to the time where I couldn't stomach:
The thought of losing you. I'd hope to never choose.
Now I'm thinking who need the vital truth.
And a true path, this ain't where we're at.
I won't even try if you ain't trying back.
I promise that I gave you all that I had.
Just promise me that this won't end very bad.
In fact, this time I'm going to give you just that.
So sick of the nights where I'm up so sad.
I'm going to change those times where I'm mad at you.
Being mad at me. Man, I'm such a fool.
Never lost my cool, in our verbal duels.
But i'm going to make sure you're going' be alright.
And if you ain't alright:
Then I'm gonig to take flight thru the night.
Looking for an answer for no more fights.
Just trust in me, baby trust in we.
'Cause if we ain't got trust, what can we be? (Nothing)
But don't take that negatively.
'Cause we can be better than what we used to be.
Let's clear up indescrepencies.
And make time for countless memories.
But it can't happen if you telling me fiction and unprocessed lies.
Done being nice, don't care if you mind.
I'm going to pack my bags, then fly to the sky.
I'm going to cut these ties and then I'm going to hide my skeleton key.
Then say goodbye.
'Cause I'll never let you inside of my mind again.
Even though this is the end, I'll keep my light on if you do the same.
In case our future holds a change.

[Part 2]

Please don't turn off the light.

Here's a letter that I wrote just for you baby.
When you were gone, I held my pillow tight.
Praying hard that we could work this out.
And I ain't going to say I need you, baby.
But eveything is different late at night.
And there's nobody there to hold me down.
And I don't have the heart to keep you.
I'm looking in your eyes, I don't see you.

How'd this happen? I can't deal with this no more.
How'd this happen? I don't want to have to go.
How'd this happen? I thought we would take it slow.
I can't be with you no more. There's the lightswitch by the door.

Don't turn off the light.
'Cause I'll be gone tonight.


from The Jamil Show : Season 2, released March 21, 2014




Jamil (& the Show) Cleveland, Ohio

From his Cleveland bedroom to your heart, Jamil takes you on a journey with the occasional help from the Show.

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