Ain't nobody messing with me, man.
God on my side got me feeling like He-Man.
The gave your boy an F when I was trying to be G, man.
I guess I'm just J, it took a second to see, man.
And I've been Jay [Jay-Z] since before he had Bey [Beyonce], man.
And it's been The Show, I'm acting like I'm conceited.
Every weapon formed against me shall be defeated.
And I ain't on the track, but yo I'm runnning with Jesus.
And I've been fresh. Take a look at the creases.
I'm still being rode like I know what the streets is.
And it's straight BARS. You can never deplete this.
There's reasons why I do it. I could give a complete list.
I do it for God, I do it for dad and mom.
I do it for everybody that stays from St. Clair to SOM.
I do it for my friends, and the one's that say this isn't their style.
'Cause I run it like I'm sprinting a mile.
End scene.

Get it, go.
I'm Number One.
Give and go.

Ain't nobody messing with me, though.
I'm out here shooting three's.
You would've thought I was Hedo [Turkoglu].
My homies got me covered.
You would've thought I was Speedo.
I got 'em acting sour 'cause the lyrics are sweet, bro.
I got 'em ducking on me 'cause the lyrics are lethal.
I never get it twisted. I'm not running with people.
I'm running with these Young Kings. Get with the sequel.
I do it for "ohana". You would've thought I was Lilo.
I get it from my mama, you can check out my steelo.
And ain't nobody stopping me. I'm in like a freethrow.
These bars stay hot like they're rapped in a peacoat.
And we know I have fun. And when that beat drops, I go dumb.
I got that bass, and I got that bump.
So, bro, what's up? I'm out here like I'm number one.

Get it, go.
I'm Number One.
Give and go.

Ride Out


from The Jamil Show : Season 2, released March 21, 2014




Jamil (& the Show) Cleveland, Ohio

From his Cleveland bedroom to your heart, Jamil takes you on a journey with the occasional help from the Show.

Contact: thejamilshowmusic@gmail.com

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