Wake up in the morning with a dream.
Which doesn't make sense 'cause I just finished sleeping.
But I'm going to work like I'm really getting paid.
'Cause I'm being called to this life, but the phone bill's paid.
And I don't ever think I'm going to let up.
'Cause I've been blessed enough to even get up.
Yeah I got my crew behind me. Throw your set up.
We're some Young Kings. Flying high so pick your head up.
Somehow, I always knew that I was special.
And I didn't need my mom to ever tell me that.
Always knew that Jesus Christ loves me.
So much he took my sins and went to hell and back.
Sometimes I feel like y'all don't get me: Smelly Cat.
But my Friends showed me Season 2
Now I'm giving you the whole show.
And this right here's a special gift from me to you.

And if you're feeling down, pick it up.

Wake up in the morning trying to get it.
Rapping 'bout the Gospel, but I'm also trying to live it.
For a minute let me switch it up.
I've been looking at this bottle like, "Will I swallow?"
"Will I ever see tomorrow? Will I give it up?"
But God still got me here. Will I ever fear?
I've been praying and I know my God's forever near.
But that doesn't mean that I don't struggle.
That doesn't mean I'm never running with fears.
Covered in tears that got me seeing double.
But best believe I bounce back.
Blessings, I count that. Can't convince me Man can amount that.
Rats want to see me eating dinner just to give me vibe a splinter.
But if they swipe once, I'm going to pounce back.
So what do you know about that. Forever I'm going to sound that.
Young Kings, best believe I crown that.
So, ain't no way around that.
That's life so get on it.

And if you're feeling down, pick it up.


from The Jamil Show : Season 2, released March 21, 2014




Jamil (& the Show) Cleveland, Ohio

From his Cleveland bedroom to your heart, Jamil takes you on a journey with the occasional help from the Show.

Contact: thejamilshowmusic@gmail.com

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